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Crespin in Finals

Sat Pepsi Center, Denver Colorado– Friday evenings semi-final rounds for the 2A, 3A , 4A and 5A state wrestling tournament proved to be as exciting as the early tournament billing.  These grapplers earned their way into the spotlight and a chance to stand on the podium tomorrow night as state champion.  For the losers tonight, the worst they can do is 6th place, possible 3rd.  They will however wrestle two more times to determine their fate, beginning at approximately at 2:30 pm.  For the winners, they will be among the elite, walking in the parade of champions at 6:30 pm.

     Tonight’s action included 10 mats of wrestling action and a nearly packed house.  There was a continuous echo of noise throughout the building.  You could not tell who the cheers were for, but looking down upon the mats, bodies were flying and wrestlers were giving it their best.

     For John Mall’s, Bryan Crespin, his entry into the finals was sweet.  After four years of hard work his effort had paid off.  Crespin squared off against Jeremy Lund of Wray.  Lund pinned John Hinton in a dramatic upset, proving this is anybody′s game.  Hinton was the last wrestler to defeat Crespin in a controversial decision and Bryan wanted retribution.  He’d settle for the championship instead.  Crespin came out strong and wrestled Lund for three hard rounds.  Crespin wins on a 6-4 decision, earning his spot in the championship round.  His victory sets up a rematch with Kyle Pollock of Wiggins, whom he defeated earlier at the Limon tournament in triple overtime, in what was described at the possible state final.  Pollock entered competition as the number three seed.