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County taking care of business

by Sharon Niederman
RATON — While the Colfax County Commission meeting of Feb. 22, 2021 produced no fireworks, the workaday agenda resulted in the passage of  a bundle of resolutions to keep the wheels moving.

The resolution presented by Robert Thompson, road superintendent, to contribute the county’s required 25% share for county road repairs, which would amount to $76,000 of the $305,000 total from the Department of Transportation was approved. Thompson said the county’s contribution could include labor and equipment costs.

A resolution to donate well-worn and aged Colfax County vehicles to Eagle Nest and the Angel Fire Airport was approved.
Commissioners resolved to keep the 2021 solid waste fee the same for the upcoming FY.

In addition, the commission approved authorizing the receipt of sealed bid proposals to dispose of the county’s scrap steel.

The commission agreed to award $40,000 for an RFP for the architects of the Farley Fire Department station.
Making a personal statement, Commission Chairman Bobby LeDoux said he believed some form of HB4, known as the “Civil Rights Bill,” would pass the Legislature this session. Although the bill has been amended to place a $2 million cap on suits successfully brought against the county for what could be considered a violation of a citizen’s civil rights by law enforcement, that amount of an award could potentially cause the county to lose its insurance.