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County scrambling to try and recover funds

WALSENBURG- The Huerfano County commissioners, still reeling from the news that the county coffers had been robbed to the tune of $146, 251.74, had a small glimmer of good news: it could have been worse. 
Over $225,000 total were on their way out the electric door before it was stopped. The money had been taken in eight separate transactions, all done after hours.
“The FBI is looking at our internet security,” said County Administrator John Galusha. “We are setting up a ‘mirror’ of six computers in the building, to try and determine if the transactions happened from there or elsewhere.” For the moment, the FBI is not looking at having an agent physically stationed at the courthouse, but will review the computer mirror.
Bank of the West, where the funds were kept, is balking at covering the loss, saying the county’s security was not good enough, and that FDIC insurance only covers a depositer if the bank fails. The county is discussing the matter with legal counsel.
“I’m optimistic we won’t be out the full $146,000.” Galusha stated, when asked if he thought any of the money was recoverable.
In other county news, the Huerfano County Health Department is seriously running low on funds, and have asked the commissioners if they can get a draw on future funds for Decemeber, January and February.
The commissioners decided to send them the December funds now, and will look at releasing the first quarter funds for 2014 after the budget is approved.
Ken White of GMS discussed with the commissioners the progress of the Gardner sewage treatment plant, which is in early stages of dirt work.
“The problem is we’re generating too much dirt,” White said. The site is 8,500 cubic yards, and will have two aeration cells and a wetlands pond, and will be able to filter 20,000 gallons a day, up from the current 12,000 a day now. Construction on the faciity is hoped to begin in March after plans are approved by the state.