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County schools stimulus grant

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG- The Huerfano County Commissioners says La Veta and Walsenburg schools will receive monies from the stimulus package recently approved by Congress. The Secure Rural Schools funding means the schools and the county will receive monies. Walsenburg Schools will get nearly $175,000 this year and La Veta $116,000 to use for various projects and programs. This will be the first year of funding announced by U.S. Senator, Ken Salazar.  The amount of funding will go down 10% per year through 2011 but will be a big stimulus to Walsenburg and La Veta. Huerfano County gets 15% of the $342,000 or approximately $51,000.  They will use it for search and rescue efforts on federal lands. County Commissioner, Scott King, said we owe a big thanks to Sen. Salazar for pushing this matter in Congress.

    Debbie Reynolds, County Treasurer, reported that there have been 45 foreclosures of houses and land so far this year.  That is an increase over last year and follows the trend going on nationally.

    Maria Berger of the Museum of Friends questioned the Commissioners on why they haven’t seen signage along I-25 that was approved by the Tourism Board and reported in the media. The Commissioners said they would check with CDOT on what is holding things up.  Berger also asked for an accounting of how the bed tax monies, amounting to over $30,000, is being distributed between La Veta and Walsenburg since two of her requests for tourism funding were denied. The County still has most of that money and did not have any breakdowns available.

    A low bid of $555,000 was received from Genova Construction of Pueblo to construct the Waste Transfer Station for Walsenburg that will allow citizens to get rid of bigger trash items without driving out of town.  It should be ready by spring, if weather allows.