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County Republicans hold assembly

by David Tesitor

WALSENBURG- On Saturday, April 10 the Huerfano County Republican Party held its assembly to vote on delegates to the state assembly to be held May 21-22 in Loveland.  They also voted to ratify seven proposals, which are the basis of the party’s platform.

    The meeting began with the pledge of allegiance and a prayer before representatives of the various candidates running for office gave three-minute presentations about their candidates.  Candidates are chosen for the primary ballots through this continuation of the electoral process.  Delegates took this opportunity to learn about the candidates who will ultimately be on the primary ticket in August.  Candidates must receive 30% of the delegate vote at the state assembly to be placed on the ballot.  If they fail to do so, they can petition to get on the ballot.

    Nine delegates will cast their votes to represent Huerfano County; Dick Chenault, William and Carol Belt, Manuel and Wilma Martinez, Brian Manning, Greg and Pam Wilson and John  Rhoads.  Alternate delegates include Sandy Riggins, Lola Spradley, C.A. "Mac" MacMillan and Jackie Goemmer.

    The final order of business was to vote on resolutions which were put forth at the precinct caucuses held last month.  These resolutions will be combined with the other county resolutions and voted on by the party at the state meeting.  A two-thirds vote is needed to accept any resolution.

    The resolutions include the following.  First, no amnesty should be given to illegal aliens, preventing a threat to our national security.  Second, ‘Clear the Bench Colorado,’ which requires a no vote on the retention of Justices Michael Bender, Alex Martinez, Nancy Rice and Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey in November.  Third designates English as the official language of the U.S.  Fourth recognizes the personhood of every human being at conception.  Fifth protects Social Security by preventing the removal of funds from the general budget and requiring that access to or use of the funds not be given to anyone except the recipients.  Sixth supports second amendment rights and opposes all forms of gun control, supporting our right to bear arms.  The final resolution concerns the proposed 28th amendment which states that laws which apply to citizens would not apply equally to senators or representatives or their staff or to congress.  One example given was that our congressional representatives would be able to maintain their health plan and not be subject to Obama Care. 

    The resolutions are an indicator to the party of where we the people stand and an indicator of the anticipated party platform.