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County P&Z votes no on wind farm

by Larry Patrick

HUERFANO- The Huerfano County Planning & Zoning Commission have voted against recommending the Silver Mountain Wind Farm project to the Huerfano County Commissioners. The Commissioners will take up the issue at their meeting next Wednesday, Dec. 9.

   The P&Z Committee voted 3-1 against approving a conditional use permit and then voted 4-0 on House Bill 1041. Member, Dale Davis sited industrial use proposed for agricultural land can never be in compliance with the county’s zoning regulations. Lonnie Brown then made the motion to deny the conditional use permit. He also made the motion to vote against HB1041. In doing so, Brown used many of the arguments that opponents of the Silver Mountain Wind Farm project have made at public meetings. Those included obstructing the views of Silver Mountain and Mt. Mestas, a negative impact on tourism and property values. Brown also said the site of the proposed wind farm is in direct conflict with the county’s designated preferred wind farm area. Brown argued that the negative impacts are too substantial to ignore.