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County delegates

Democratic Assembly

The Huerfano County Democratic  party assembly will be held Wed. Mar. 5 from 5:30-7:30 at the Community Center at 10th and Russell in Walsenburg.  There will be  live music during registration by Dave and Annie Enke and a bake sale is to benefit Huerfano County Democrats, so bring some goodies to sell.  At 6 pm, the assembly will be called to order.  On the agenda for the evening is election of officers, introduction of county, state and district attorney candidates, and the selection of Democratic delegate for County Commissioner. 

    Huerfano County’s Democratic delegates are as follows: Mary Anderson; Michele George Appel; Judy Benine; Catherine Berger; Paul  Biron; Art Bobian; Diego Bobian; Margaret Bobian; Santiago Bobian; Alvin Booze; Jeanette Booze;  Richard Brandenburg; Joan  Breternitz; Cindy Campbell; Neal  Cocco; Owen Cookingham; Roberta  Cookingham; Mark Craddock; Geri Craddock; Clark Dimond; Carla Dolce; Sandy Dotter; Michael  Drees;  Colin Franklin; Linda Frederick; Amy Garcia; Manual Garcia; Sara Garcia; David Gnaizda; Francis     Guise; Judith Guise; Jytte Hale-Helps; Wendy Hamon; William Haynes; William Hix; Janet Holford;  Nelson Holmes; Mary Lynn Hughes; Jessie Jackson; Jonathan James; Ed Johnson; Gudrun Johnson; Marianne Johnson-Knecht; Jeanine Kenyon;  Lourae King; Scott King; Juli Klaker; Barbara Kowalik; Peter (Chip) Kraynyk; Joyce Lamb; Frieda Lessar; Manuel Lujan; Richard Lytle; Rosalyn McCain; Laurie McIlvaine; Charles Montoya; Gilbert Montoya;  Carolyn Newman; Victoria Odell; Gretchen Orr; Pam Pemberton; Darlene Pino;  Simon Pino; Debra Reynolds; Ernest Reynolds; AnnaJo Sanchez; Nella Schneider; Graeme Seawell; Thomas Severance; Carole Snow; Rosalie Tadlock; JoAnn Tomsic; Loretta Vigil; Sylvia Vigil; Melva Zagar; and Peggy Zehring.

Republican Assembly

The Huerfano County Republican party assembly will be held Sat. Mar. 1, 2008 beginning at 10 am at the La Veta Community Center.  Participants will be voting on the Republican candidates for office in Huerfano County and the State of Colorado, and will elect county delegates to the state assembly May 30 -31  in Broomfield, CO.  Commissioner Roger Cain will be a featured speaker.  All delegates that were elected at the recent Caucus should attend and cast their vote. The meeting is open to all registered Republicans of Huerfano County, and they are encouraged to attend. Refreshments will be served.

    Huerfano County’s Republican precinct delegates, elected officials and executive committee members to the county assembly are as follows: Beverly Brownlee; Martie Henderson; Manuel Martinez; Deb Nott;  Jacque Goemmer; Ron Andrews; Andrea Maning; Bill Boeck; Steve Jones; Ruby Chapman; Vivian Price; Melissa Hessler; Keith Tatman; Jan Chenault; Roger Cain; Dick Chenault; Charlie Nuss; Mary Copeland; Bill Belt; Murphy McMakin; Brian Manning.  Alternates not already listed are: Neal Shires; Rebecca Mitchell; Shelley Walter; Joyce Bestol; David Steffan; Rod Dexter; Gary Baldwin; Dawn Mann; Jerry Price; Pamela Wilson; and Karl Sporleder.