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County considers bringing CR 521.2 back into shape

by Brian Orr
WALSENBURG­– On Wednesday, the Huerfano County Commissioners took up the topic of County Road 521.2, which is generally in the Major’s Ranch area.
For many years, no one lived out on this road, and it was allowed to lapse into disrepair. But times are a-changin’, and property owners trying to get in to their land now face a three percent grade and ruts three feet deep.
Kathy Boday, who lives along the road, and sheriff’s deputy Clint Boehler, asked the county to consider grading and graveling the mile and a half long stretch of road. Boday presented to the commissioners a petition with 21 signatures of people living along it, asking them to do something about it’s condition.
Boehler spoke to the commissioners from the viewpoint of emergency services, noting that, in his opinion, an ambulance could not make it up this stretch of road, and a fire truck stood a good chance of tipping over trying to navigate it.
“You’d better hope your house isn’t on fire up there, or that flight for life can get in there,” Boehler said.
The commissioners agreed to take the matter under advisement, and would make an official statement soon. In the meantime, they asked the Road and Bridge Department to run a grader along the road to knock the high points of the road into the low points.
The commissioners heard from property owner Lewis DeLaura, who was protesting his taxes, which jumped up almost 300% from last year, going from $492 to $1,496 on raw land near County Road 634 north of Gardner.
Bruce Quintana, of the county assessor’s office, was on hand to answer why the county increased DeLaura’s tax rate to 29 percent, noting the property had good access to roads, and there were a number of power poles abutting the property so power could be brought in to a future home easily.
The commissioners closed the hearing and stated they would issue a ruling within five days.
In other news, the commissioners hired John Rodriguez for security duties at the courthouse. (see related article on page 6.)

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