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Counterfeit money being reported again

WALSENBURG — Walsenburg Police this week announced reports of counterfeit bills making a slight resurgence in town this summer. WPD Chief Tommie McLallen said in the past three weeks, three pieces of phony currency have been discovered; two twenty dollar bills and a single one hundred dollar bill. He said the items were passed at Safeway, a local storage facility and one reported from First National Bank of Trinidad-Huerfano County branch. He said the counterfeits were of very bad quality. Business owners and others who deal with cash over the counter are advised to not return the suspect bill to the passer. Delay the passer if possible and note their description, as well as those of any companions, and, if possible, the business should attempt to get the license plate number of the vehicle the person is using. Other tips; limit the handling of the suspect bill. Carefully place it in a protective covering, such as an envelope. Any information the receiver may obtain, like a description of the person or vehicle may be written on a separate piece of paper to limit fingerprint contamination of the evidence. Persons who find themselves with a counterfeit

bill should immediately contact their local law enforcement agency or the nearest United States Secret Service field office. Surrender the note only to a properly identified police officer or USSS agent. Remember, do not keep the suspected counterfeit note, possession of a counterfeit bill is a crime. For additional information regarding how to spot counterfeit currency go to