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Corazón de Trinidad Creative District

TRINIDAD — The Corazón de Trinidad Creative District needs your help. The district is in the process of developing its first Creative Registry in order to capture basic information about all of the creative businesses and individuals within the entire region. Colorado has always attracted creative business and the governor’s office began a new program in 2012 with the intent of identifying Creative Districts throughout the state. These are special places that have all the necessary components to captivate and appeal to creative industries. In 2013, the Corazón de Trinidad became one of Colorado’s fully certified Colorado Creative Districts. Through this designation, Trinidad has attracted the interest of several major granting agencies and investors who would like to see the district develop its available live/work artist spaces. An example of this type of important project being done in other parts of the state is the new Loveland Artspace project, which is providing live/work artist space adjacent to the recently rehabilitated Historic Feed and Grain Building. To view this project, see In an effort to develop our own project, the Corazón de Trinidad Creative District will be establishing our first regional Creative Registry and is asking for your help in

accomplishing this task. We are looking for all persons involved in creative activities to reach out and provide some basic information about the types of services and live/work environments that would best suit you. Please contact us if you are involved in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, writing, literary arts, art galleries, musical composition, singing, playing an instrument, arts education, arts or musical instruction, mixed media, arts advocacy, theatre arts, acting, crafts, graphic arts, design metal smithing, jewelry making, stained glass, poetry, dance, choreography, culinary arts, architecture, clothing designers, interior design, craft brewers, distillers, wine makers, specialty foods, bakers, historic preservation, or anything additional that requires creative thought and action. For the Creative Registry we would like to collect the name, type of creative activity, email address, physical address and phone number(s) of all respondants. This information can be emailed to Thank you for helping us to gather this important data in order to plan a viable and successful live/work project for Trinidad!