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Concerns about medical marijuana

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG– It was a very light agenda for the first meeting of the new year for the Huerfano County Commissioners.

    Concerns continue to be expressed by local governments as to medical marijuana dispensaries wanting to spring up across the state. The County does not have a moratorium in effect at the moment, although the City of Walsenburg passed one a few weeks ago for a four month period.  A  judge in northern Colorado has supposedly ruled that moratoriums on medical marijuana dispensaries are illegal but enough information has not been received about that ruling. 

    The Denver Post reported last Sunday that Denver has surpassed Los Angeles as having the most medical marijuana dispensaries in the country. Also, a court ruled against the city of Centennial, Colorado which shut down a medical marijuana dispensary last month. The court ruled that Centennial’s actions were against the law but that communities could zone where such businesses would be located. The after-effects of that ruling are still too new and are subject to being challenged.

    The Huerfano County Commissioners have received a letter from a person in the Ft. Collins area asking if there are any moratoriums in Huerfano County for setting up medical marijuana dispensaries.

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