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Commissioners updated on power plant project

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG- The Huerfano County Commissioners got an update from members of the local Historical Society on their recent trip to Denver where the Walsenburg Power Plant was designated as a project. A county wide assessment will be done on the power plant on Mar. 3rd by a representative of the state at 5 p.m. at the Community Center. Carolyn Newman told the Commissioners that good representation from them and the community would be appreciated.

    John Carlson said that the city and county could receive more historical funds if they became a certified local government entity. Park County has received 10 million dollars over the years while Huerfano County has received very little.

    The Plaza de los Leones will hold their annual celebration in Walsenburg on September 11th through the 13th at the Community Center.  The Commissioners agreed to waive the fees for the event.

    The Commissioners will assist the school district, Re-1 in moving bleachers and the old press box if they can get use of a crane to do the job for the latter. They will research that possibility if it won’t impact their budget. The Commissioners support the new sports complex and has worked on County Road 590 for better traveling to the facility and worked on associated drainage improvements.

    An update on the loss analysis insurance pool of which Huerfano County is a member, was given by John Wagner.  He said the county has done a good overall job on keeping workman comp claims low.  Wagner went over several parts of the insurance program and how the County can help keep their rates low.

    A report from the Department of Wildlife shows that the state of Colorado receives 1.8 billion dollars annually from hunting and fishing. Wildlife watching also brings in total income of around 1.2 billion. Over 30,000 jobs are provided from the two programs.