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Commissioners approve subdivision

by Larry Patrick

HUERFANO- A new housing subdivision for Huerfano County is in the works after the Huerfano County Commissioners approved the River Run plat at their Wednesday meeting. The land is at the old campground site near Bear Lake above Cuchara.  There is a total of 60 acres in the plat with 26 acres to be developed for housing.  Commissioners King and Cain were pleased with the way things have come together for that development.  The owners have five years to make improvements to the property.

    An application is being made to the Transportation Enhancement Program to fund walking trails from Second Street to the Golf Course in Walsenburg. The amount being asked for is just over $150,000.

    Reorganizing the Search and Rescue Team for Huerfano County is to be discussed at a meeting on April 19.  The meeting will be held at the sheriff’s office at 6 pm, and is open to the public. 

    The commissioners held discussions in executive session with their newly hired law firm from Durango.  The commissioners want to get input on how they should proceed with the application by Presco for gas drilling proposals in the county.  Rural residents are concerned with drilling problems in the county.