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Commissioners amend Stage 1 fire ban

by Larry Patrick
WALSENBURG– Not wanting to shut down the County completely, the Huerfano County Commissioners stayed with the Stage 1 fire ban but added some stipulations for unincorporated parts of the County. Stipulations added include banning of any campfires or open burning with the exception of propane grills if they can be shut off with a knob or switch. Charcoal grills are prohibited. Operation of chainsaws, blasting, welding or other activities which generate flames for any purpose other than mitigation planning is banned unless mitigation equipment is on hand. Such equipment includes fire extinguishers and shovels being available. The Sheriff’s Department will aggressively pursue anyone using fireworks. If a juvenile is caught using fireworks, the parents will be cited.
In other news, the County voted to allow the Huerfano County Water Conservancy District to place a mill levy increase of two mills on the November ballot and waive the $5,000 fee. The two mill request would last for 15 years.
The Commissioners received good news on their annual audit. Auditor, Ron Farmer said the controls are good and segregation of duties is also good. The County showed a $159,000 increase in their fund balance. The County received nearly two million dollars in federal funds of which 1.5 million went to Social Service programs locally.