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Commissioner-elect Vezzani suffers seizure minutes before his inauguration

staff report
WALSENBURG — What was supposed to be a happy occasion- the swearing in of two new county commissioners- took an abrupt turn for the worse Tuesday morning when commissioner-elect Max Vezzani suffered a seizure while waiting in the commissioner’s chambers with fellow electee Ray Garcia.
“I saw his hands start to tremble and his jaw clench, and then I held on to him so he wouldn’t crash to the floor,” Garcia said.
An ambulance was quickly called for, and sheriff’s deputies in the building had to administer CPR until the emergency crew showed up. Vezzani was rushed to the hospital, and then flight-for-life’d out to a hospital in Denver. Later that afternoon, Vezzani was reported to be alert, stable and in good spirits.
Vezzani was suffering from the effects of a fall he took last week, where he knocked his head, and had to be hospitalized then to have blood drained from under his skull.
A crowd of friends, family and well-wishers stood by in shock as Vezzani was transported away, then numbly gathered in the main courtroom to hear Judge Claude Appel administer the oath of office to Garcia and Deputy District Attorney Clay McKisson.
Later that afternoon, Appel swore Vezzani in over the phone, while Vezzani was in the ICU.