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Closer to a greenhouse

by Carol Dunn
LA VETA- On Tuesday, the La Veta Town Board heard details about the getting a community greenhouse. Finn Jorgensen, with Two Peaks Transition Group, described the proposed greenhouse(s) as a community garden. TPTG is applying for a grant from Live Well Colorado. Jorgensen said an all-weather enclosed greenhouse facility could develop food at the community level and described the project as a “community effort from the start.”
The land that has been proposed is the area around the skate park. Jorgensen said there is room for one or more greenhouses in that area. “It could really enhance the space,” he said. The location offers protection from westerly winds and from summer heat, and there is a water line there. There is also room for outside planting beds. “This could extend the park all the way to the river,” Jorgensen said.
Mayor Jerry Fitzgerald said, “Certainly I think everyone is kind of interested. But the devil is in the details.” The project was referred to the finance committee.
State Forester CK Morey spoke to the board about a perceived lack of respect for the work of the town’s tree board. He said the tree board “has worked really hard since 2002,” with 190 trees planted, and hazardous limbs and damaged trees removed. Morey estimated that the tree board puts in, on the average, up to 2,000 hours of physical labor on planting, pruning and protecting from deer.
“They would work their tails off if they’re appreciated,” he said. The mayor answered Morey, saying, “Every citizen in town appreciates what they have done. We fund a budget for them.” The mayor suggested, “Address your problems to Trustee Sajdak, and Trustee Sajdak will bring it to the board.”
On a request from Trustee Nancy Dick, the subject of Poplar Street was revisited. Dick told the board that she investigated the drainage study and remediation plan that has been referenced regarding the Poplar Street drainage improvements.
The 2006 study was conducted by four senior CSU engineering students, and Dick spoke with three of them. She said the study indicates that the highest priority problem to address in 2006 was clearing out and renovating the Mill Street ditch, which runs along 64 Town blocks. She quoted, “The Mill Ditch is by far the most important part of the drainage issue.”
Davis listed work that has been done on the ditch and added, “We’re getting there.” Dick said, “There was no suggested ditch from south to north on Poplar. Even in priority 3, the ditch on Poplar Street from Brgoch to beyond Field street is only on the west side of Poplar.” Dick cautioned, “It was a senior project and was not intended to be used unless stamped by a professional engineer. There was no stamp on it, and there is legal liability in using it. There is a possibility of legal endangerment if the town relies on this study.”
Although Dick and Trustee Ken Sajdak sponsored a motion to “postpone indefinitely removing the two trees on Poplar Street,” the motion failed on a vote of 3-4, with Trustees Sajdak, Dick and the mayor voting yes; and Molyneaux, Clouse, Stark and Davis voting no. Sajdak said, “This was presented as an absolutely necessary part of the flood mitigation project. I see the rush to cut down two trees, which makes me suspicious of motives.” He added, “We’re about to spend $5,000 to remove two trees. We better know why we’re doing it.”
Scout Troop 295 member Logan Taggart proposed building a picnic table and shelter at one of the town lakes as his Eagle Scout project. Trustee Davis told him, “I think you’ve got a good idea. But I think you’ve got it in the wrong place.” Davis explained, “It’s a security thing for us and the stuff that could be put into the lakes. The more people we get in there, the more problems we might have. I suggest you go down and look by the skate park.” Trustee Dave Molyneaux added, “There’s some real nice areas to the west of where the concrete pad is now to put a picnic table.” Trustee Shane Clouse told Taggart, “Don’t be discouraged that you didn’t get your first choice of site. I’d say you’re 80% there.”

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