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City stumbles on water, passes gas purchase quickly

CDOT had awarded APC the contract for paving work on I-25 near the Walsenburg exits. APC will be using around 1.75 million gallons of water in the paving process with the city charging the company $3 per 1,000 gallons. The reduction in the rate is in anticipation of APC paving a road to the new Waste Water Treatment Plant.
In a separate resolution, 2011 R-16, the city set the standard bulk water rates for construction at $5 per 1,000. However when the city council began to look at the rates that had been negotiated, they began voicing serious concerns about how the water was being metered.
According to Ordinance 965, the city has to have an employee present at the fire hydrant and a meter in place for bulk water transfer to tanker trucks. A company purchasing bulk water from the city has to put up a $2,000 deposit against any damages that might be done to the fire hydrant.
However city employees along with mayor pro tem Craig Lessar indicated they’ve observed trucks taking water from city fire hydrants without a meter being attached. Residents are encouraged to call the city if they see any trucks taking water from fire hydrants.
Both Resolution 2011 R-15A and R-16 passed on 6-3 votes with council members Rick Jennings, Gary Sporcich and mayor pro tem Craig Lessar voting no.
Along with bulk water sales the city also passed a resolution approving a gas purchase agreement between National Public Gas Agency and the city.
Resolution 2011 R-14 will allow the city to be a part of a co-op, along with other municipalities, that will purchase bulk natural gas in the spot market at costs that reflect the market at the time of purchase along with a five cents per one million Btus (MMBtu) carrying charge and a $500 per month management fee. A Btu or British thermal unit is the amount of energy needed to heat a pound of water one degree.

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