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City finds funds for treatment plant

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG- Walsenburg City Administrator Alan Hein told the Finance Committee Monday night that the City is still short a half million dollars to build the state mandated wastewater treatment plant.  But on Wednesday, Hein told the HWJ that he has found money to offset the cost. He plans to take $259,000 from the wastewater fund that is unrestricted and $300,000 from unrestricted gas funds. He also is going to meet with the firm doing the work about a possible loan from them to pay the amount so that he wouldn’t have to use those funds. This is often done. Some had felt that the sale of the Kincaid Ranch two weeks ago would alleviate the shortfall but it didn’t completely do so.  Hein outlined that he was finding ways to reduce the bid from 5.6 million dollars down to about 4.7 million but the $900,000 reduction in design was partly offset by re-engineering fees and cost to the City to complete the transferred tasks.  That raised the cost to about 5 million dollars.

    The City has approximately 3.9 million dollars for the project plus the $550,000 for the sale of the Kincaid ranch.  With the new found funds, the cost of the project will be about just under 5 million dollars.  Construction is expected to begin by May or June on getting the facility underway.

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