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For one poignant weekend, Traveling Memorial Wall turns a humble field into hallowed ground by Mark Craddock What turns a humble lot into hallowed ground?

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Josie Martinez

In loving memory of Josie Martinez 7-27-1935 ~ 6-26-2012 As I sit in Heaven and watch you every day, I try and let you know

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Kenny Jay Wadley

In loving memory of Kenny Jay Wadley 1-2-1954 ~ 6-16-2019 Ken, you have been gone for two years now, and missed every single day. Your

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Manuel E. Ortiz

In loving memory of our dad Manuel E. Ortiz who died three years ago on June 15, 2018 The day you left and gained your

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Emma M. Agnes

In loving memory of Emma M. Agnes 6-6-1926 ~ 11-20-2005 Missing You On Your Birthday Mom Today would have been such a special day But

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Charles H. Agnes

In loving memory of a special dad on his birthday Charles H. Agnes 5-26-1923 ~ 1-2-2013 It’s not what we write, or even what we

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