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Carlsbad bound

by Jennifer Parker

LA VETA- In Re-2 school news, a big highlight this year will be for 4th and 5th graders whose teachers just got a new field trip approved.  Rather than the usual overnight trip to Mesa Verde, students will be going to Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico, for two nights starting May 8.  Board members Smith and Sternberg added that this kind of activity is very educational and fun for the kids and gives them a chance to see outside the surrounding community.

    Re-2 is going to start looking for grant writers for future projects.  There are several grants in the works right now that Superintendent Dave Seaney has been writing himself with help from A.R. Miller.     A lot of time and effort goes into grant writing and the Board decided that hiring someone would save time on the school’s part and maximize benefits for the district.   A local grant writer will be attending the April 8 budget meeting to give ideas to the Board about potential future monies. 

    CSAP testing started last week and is going well this year.  Tests will run through April 11.  The 2008-09 school calendar was approved and employment contracts for next year will be approved at next month’s meeting.

    There was a lot of discussion regarding the football field and the building for restrooms that will soon be built.  The Board genuinely wants to keep the city informed as to where future tax dollars will be spent, and wants to give the community an overall picture of how the projects will benefit students and save money in the long run.

    Next month’s regular board meeting will be on Tuesday April 22.

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