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Car chase begins in Walsenburg, ends in Pueblo

WALSENBURG— On Thursday, morning, December 24, Walsenburg police were paged out to check on a man slumped over the steering wheel in a black pickup at the corner of Kansas Ave and Tyler St. When officers attermpted to contact the man, he woke up and took off, quickly losing his pursuers. Within minutes, reports started coming in of a black pickup heading north on I-25 at a high rate of speed. The pursuit reached the city of Pueblo, where the truck struck a police car that was blocking an offramp, bouncing him back on to the highway, where he continued to speed northwards, causing several minor car crashes around him. No serious injuries were reported. Northbound I-25 near central Ave. was reduced to one lane for a short time. The driver, who had a female passenger with him, were eventually stopped just north of the Indiana exit, by police. The two occupants were arrested, but their identities have not been released. The man was wanted for warrants in Pueblo County, but it was unclear what for.