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Candy Bean Changes Hands

By Kelsey Speaks

LA VETA- La Veta’s Main Street will be seeing some changes in 2008.  La Veta residents and Candy Bean owners Mike and Jennifer Thomas have sold their coffee and toy shop to another local couple, Tamara and Doug White.

    The Thomas’ have mixed feelings about selling the shop.  “It’s a relief in many ways because running the shop is such a challenge,” says Jennifer.  “I’m looking forward to sleeping in once in awhile.  At the same time, though we’re sad because we really put our hearts into the business.”

    Jennifer says that opening the shop had been a long-time dream that she is happy to have fulfilled successfully.  “It’s important that the shop continues,” she says.  “It’s really a part of the town now.”  She told  the Journal, “We are grateful for the positive support that we’ve received over the last two years.  We’re grateful for the warmth, kindness and personal relationships we’ve made here.  We were supported in a way that you wouldn’t find in a big city.”  For now, the Thomas’ will focus on selling their home and preparing to move to Colorado Springs in May.  They say they are excited about their future and look forward to the changes that will come with it.

    Tamara and Doug White, who have lived in La Veta for the past three years and currently work with Bachman and Associates Real Estate, will be taking over ownership and management of the shop in 2008.  The two have been interested in owning a coffee and gift shop for a while.  They were originally  interested in taking over the space a few years ago, when the coffee bar and bike shop in the building closed down.  However, continued from page 1- they were told that the Thomas’ had already obtained the space for the Candy Bean.  “It’s kind of funny,” Tamara says, “because we had really similar ideas.  When Jennifer and Mike were ready to sell they approached us with an offer to take over the shop.”

    The Whites told the Huerfano Journal that they plan to maintain much of what has already been established in the Candy Bean.  Currently, the shop showcases a wide variety of of children’s toys and games and serves a variety of coffee beverages along with breakfast and lunch items.  The Whites say  that they plan to introduce gift items, party wear and their own brand of custom blended body products.  “We plan on keeping everything Mike and Jennifer established,” says Tamara.  “We’re excited and we hope to continue the success that Mike and Jennifer have started.”