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Candidates to present views on the expansion of Pinon Canyon at the Pinon Canyon Preservation Festi

Public invited to listen and to view displays, eat BBQ and more!

KIM, Colo- The Pinon Canyon Expansion Opposition Coalition will be hosting an event called the ′Pinon Canyon Preservation Festival′ from 1pm to 8pm on June 19th, in Kim, CO.  Besides information and art displays at multiple locations in the town of Kim, there will be a BBQ dinner, music, poets and a silent auction.  This festival will also be an opportunity for many elected officials and candidates to present their views and proposed actions relative to ending the expansion of Pinon Canyon.

     The Army still desires to expand the 238,000-acre PCMS and refuses to follow court orders to limit activity to historic use levels, made by Federal Judge Matsch.  Building out of the current site continues, which is also ignoring the congressional ban on expansion as well as most other laws and regulations that were placed to provide oversight of and accountability by the military regarding efforts to expand Pinon Canyon.

     "Once again, the Army pushes the envelope as if the law doesn′t apply to them," said Lon Robertson, rancher and President of the PCEOC.  "People don′t realize that they continue to push the expansion by adding buildings, resources and other functions to the current site, a build out that was ordered stopped by Federal Judge Matsch last year.  And we intend to keep this out in public view to press our candidates and elected officials for action to hold them accountable and put an end to this effort once and for all."

     The annual funding ban against spending any money for expansion was again renewed for FY 2010, through the efforts of Congressman John Salazar (D-3rd CD) and Betsey Markey (D-4th CD).  This is the third year the year-to-year ban has been in effect that was originally authored by Marilyn Musgrave (R-4th CD) and co-sponsored by John Salazar (D-3rd CD) –  blocking all funding for the expansion.

     "It doesn′t seem to matter to them how far they have to go or how much they disregard the law or how many times they try to mislead us all," said rancher and PCEOC Director Grady Grissom, "but it matters to the majority of the people of Colorado.  They are using our tax dollars to attempt to illegally gain access to and control of lands they don′t need and cannot justify."

     Keeping the shadow of expansion over this southeastern Colorado region serves only to provoke more opposition.  Opposition to the expansion of PCMS, opposition to the expansion of federally owned lands in the United States and opposition to any more Federal government takings of our rights and privileges that Americans everywhere are so concerned about today.

     PCEOC hopes everyone will come to the event, enjoy the day by eating BBQ,  homemade cakes and pies, listening to music, and viewing artists′ works from all over regarding Pinon Canyon preservation.  There will also be opportunities to listen to candidates and elected officials speak on their position on Pinon Canyon expansion.   Candidates planning to attend to date include Kevin Grantham, Lisa Kellogg, Bob McConnel, Mack Louden, Wes McKinley, Gloria Stultz, and Scott Tipton as well as representation from Congresswoman Betsy Markey, Congressman John Salazar, Dan Maes and others.

     Besides providing entertainment and information, proceeds from this event will help PCEOC continue funding the opposition to the expansion of Pinon Canyon.

     PCEOC is a broad-based coalition representing communities across Southern Colorado in their opposition to the proposed military expansion. PCEOC members include business owners, teachers, students, elected officials, ranchers, environmentalists and many others.

     The coalition is united in its opposition to any expansion of PCMS.  No funding, no expansion.

     For more information, please see or contact Lon Robertson at 719-980-5114, or Steve Wooten at 719-384-5813.