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Candidates- Contact Us!

OUR WORLD– Whew-boy; there are a lot of candidates for a lot of seats this election cycle! From mayoral, to city council, to school board, involved citizens are stepping up and running for offices.

The World Journal will be running candidate profiles throughout the month of October; both a candidate’s formal announcement, and their responses to a series of questions that we will send out.

We will be running political candidates from the three counties we cover on October 7, and then run announcement and question responses for all the school districts on October 14 and 21. We’ll try and catch anyone we missed in the October 28 issue.

We will be reaching out to all the candidates we can find emails or phone numbers for, but in case we can’t find you, we ask that you reach out to US, so we can include you in all the candidate profiles.

We’re at, or call us at 719-738-1415. Catch each week of the World Journal to see what your local candidates stand for- or against!