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Building code amendments

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG- The Huerfano County Commissioners will consider going to the 2006 International Building Code at their meeting next week.  They heard a report from building inspector, Steve Channel during a public hearing at their Wednesday meeting recommending the county go from the current 2003 I-code to the 2006 I-code. The Huerfano County Regional Building Committee consisting of representatives from the county, the city of Walsenburg and town of LaVeta are looking at making the codes and licensing more uniform throughout the county instead of each government entity having their own rules and regulations.

   Channel says going to the 2006 I-code will allow for use of some new materials, especially foam insulations.  Each government entity can choose to adopt the updated I-codes but not adopt portions of the code that may be too restrictive for older buildings. Channel says rules on smoke detectors are also updated.