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Bruce Quintana to run for mayor

WALSENBURG- Mayor Pro-Tem Bruce Quintana announced through a press release Tuesday evening that he will be running for Walsenburg Mayor in November.  “I envision a healthy and inviting Walsenburg that welcomes back its long departed sons and daughters, a Walsenburg that offers opportunity so that its youth can cultivate achievement where their roots run deepest.”

    Quintana is the first candidate to announce that he is running.

    Before the City Council meeting, there were sparks and raised voices over the Northlands sewer system.

    Five former City Council members were in attendence, expressing their concern as to how the system would be paid for.  Current Councilman James England lit into the group, saying if they hadn’t “passed the buck,” the current council wouldn’t be on the hot seat.  The former council members were not pleased to be told this.

    In other City business, City Administrator Alan Hein told the Council that work crews had repaired 12 different weak points on the City’s natural gas line, with another six yet to be done.

    Hein also said the decision had been made to go ahead and drain Martin Lake to repair the dam valve, and put in place a three foot high coffer dam to retain some water for the wildlife. He said recnt surveys show a 10 foot deep channel in the center of the lake that will provide additional sanctuary for the fishies.

    The City agreed to pay half of the insurance costs of the upcoming La Plaza de los Leones, to the tune of $708.19.

    Finally the Council approved a $4,688 ad campaign for Walsenburg Wild Waters, to try and end the season on a positive note.  The park is currently $27,000 in the red, partially due to bad weather days.

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