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Bruce Freeman Bailey

Bruce Freeman Bailey

Sunrise July 28,1955 ~ Sunset May 25, 2006

I never thought I would lose you.

I thought we would go on celebrating our

Birthdays together for many, many years to come.

Little did I know life had other plans.

You were not just my brother

but my best friend.

We could complete each other sentences.

I usually knew what you were thinking.

No one could tell a story like you.

You made people laugh

and your stories will live on.

You gave with a happy heart.

You never stopped giving.

I will always love and miss you

but I will live on because

through me, you will live on.

You loved the song “Time Marches On”

and as it does, I realize how very blessed I was

to have a brother like you.

Until I see you again,

I love you Brucie, Forever!!

~ Nancy