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Briefs for December 30, 2010

New Year’s Eve Party in La Veta

LA VETA- Southern Colorado’s Funk, Reggae, Soul Band, Planet O,  will perform at the La Veta Inn on Dec. 31 at 10 pm.  Tickets are $5 at the door.

Friends of the Library   

WALSENBURG-The Friends of the Library (Spanish Peaks Library District) will be meeting up at the library-415 Walsen Ave. on Tues. Jan. 4 at 2:30 pm.  Please join us with your ideas on how to help library services and programs.

Bob Kennemer to speak

LA VETA- On Jan. 6, at 7 pm, Bob Kennemer will speak at the La Veta Public Library on the chemical demilitarization operation to begin soon at the U.S. Army Pueblo Chemical Depot.  Kennemer will explain the technology, called neutralization, which will be used to safely destroy Pueblo’s stockpile.

    For the past 10 years, La Veta resident Bob Kennemer has served as the Community Outreach Manager for the Pueblo Chemical Stockpile Outreach office.  Located in downtown Pueblo, the office serves the public with information related to the Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant or PCAPP. The 4.5 billon PCAPP facility is being constructed at the U.S. Army Pueblo Chemical Depot (PCD) just east of Pueblo and is slated to begin chemical demilitarization operation in 2015.

    The program includes a 15- minute video explaining the chemical demilitarization process. Kennemer will present a brief slideshow on the project’s status. Weapon models will also be on display.

    Please join us on Jan.  6, in the Library’s meeting room for this important discussion.  Refreshments are provided.  Call 742-3572 for more information. This program is sponsored by the Friends of La Veta Public Library.

The 2nd TLC Forum: The National Energy Grid & Local Transmission Lines

LA VETA- Don′t miss this opportunity to hear two prominent speakers discuss ′the BIG picture′ regarding national and local energy and transmission needs. The Transmission Line Coalition has invited guest speakers: Carol Overland (a utility regulatory attorney, electrical consultant, and author of "Transmission Lies") and Dan Pike (President of Colorado Open Lands, which is responsible for protecting millions of acres in Colorado through conservation easements, and a member of the Western Electricity Coordinating Council′s Environmental Data Task Force). Please attend and bring your questions on Tues. Jan. 11 at 6:30 pm at La Veta Community Center (Ryus Ave.)

 AARP Driver Safety Program

WALSENBURG- The new and fully accredited four-hour A A R P Driver Safety Program will be presented at the Huerfano County Community Center, 928 Russell Ave. on Wed. Jan. 19 from 9 am to 3 pm.

    This course is designed for drivers 50 and older.  It explains the changes that occur in vision, hearing and reaction time, and provides useful tips for adapting to achieve a safer driving experience.  There are no tests to pass and Colorado state law mandates a multi-year discount on your auto insurance

premium upon completion of the course.

    Tuition is $6 for A A R P members and $7 for non members.  Call  719-868-2288 or toll free, 1-888-227-7669 for reservation and please bring your AARP membership card to the class.  Workbooks and completion certificates are provided at no extra cost.

    Breaks will be taken during the class and lunch will be served at the Senior Center for a $2 donation.  Call 738-2205 by Jan. 18 for a lunch reservation.

Free community enrichment program to be offered

WALSENBURG- The Free Community Enrichment Program is opening.  Some classes will take place at Spanish Peaks Library.  

    Below are suggested classes, but classes are not limited to these.  Let us know what you want to learn from the Arts to the Trades.  We provide teachers and a place for classes if necessary.

1} Bilingual language skills with emphasis on English, Spanish & Yiddish

2) Citizen block (door to door) journalism: Be a good neighbor

3) Wildlife safety onsite photography

4) Standard Traditional Tutoring for high school core classes and undergraduate brushing up.

5) Herbal enrichment for daily diet

6) Folk/blues acoustic guitar technique

7) Creative prolife kitchen technique

8)  NY Sunday Times Coffee Klatch

9)  Craft class in beer/wine brewing distilling and incense/candle manufacture

10) Craft class in lead/foil stained glass; specializing in chandeliers

11) The craft of games of chance

12)  The appreciation of poetry, art, &/or music

13) The history of poetry, art, &/or music

    Please let us know your fancies or interests.

Please call to let us know your interest, the subject and your contact number.  Call Barry Kalish at 738-1154 or email

    The enrichment program’s mission statement is as follows.

    The program endeavors to facilitate the exchange of skills and knowledge among the citizens of Huerfano County.  Realizing the inherent costs and obstacles that often hinder individuals in their quests for self-enrichment and growth, the  program will strive to create an accessible, low cost and informal means through which those with special talents and experience may share their specialties with others yearning to learn and grow.

    If you could take any class or course of study in the world for free, what would it be?  We will get you a teacher and a place to collaborate. 

    These are the classes forming next year:

1) recycled art "raw"

2) wood working; fix it, make it 

3) Catholic theology; faith & dogma 

4) wild animal photography, up close & personal 

5) citizen journalism, be a "good" neighbor 

6) folk music acoustic guitar technique

    Time & place set by learners and guiders.


SPACe fundraising goal met Phase 2 construction may be finished by summer

LA VETA- The Spanish Peaks Arts Council is happy to announce that the fundraising campaign goal of $205,000 has been met, due to the generosity of John and Jeannie Fuller. 

    The Fullers donated the final $5,000 needed to complete the campaign, bringing the total contributions  given by both the Fullers and by Fuller Western Real Estate to almost $20,000.  In recognition of their generous individual and business contributions as well as the community support of the expansion project by Fuller Western Real Estate, SPACe will name the first floor of the new addition the Jeannie and John Fuller Gallery.

     The completion of the fundraising goal will enable construction of the rest of the project to go forward without interruption. This means that summer will bring exciting new changes to the SPACe facility.

    Meanwhile, there is still some work to be done inside the existing gallery and in the new utility area. SPACe would be glad to take used kitchen cabinets off the hands of anyone willing to donate, as well as other articles useful in storage or gallery facilities. The Gallery and Gift Shop will remain open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays as much as possible during construction.  Just expect a bit of a mess here and there!  Give the staff a call if you have something to donate. 719 742-3074.

Tax law changes

    Following last week’s tax law changes, the Internal Revenue Service announced today the upcoming tax season will start on time for most people, but taxpayers affected by three recently reinstated deductions need to wait until mid to late February to file their individual tax returns.  In addition, taxpayers who itemize deductions on Form 1040 Schedule A will need to wait until mid to late February to file as well.

    The start of the 2011 filing season will begin in January for the majority of taxpayers.  However, last week’s changes in the law mean that the IRS will need to reprogram its processing systems for three provisions that were extended in the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010 that became law on Dec. 17.

    People claiming any of these three items – involving the state and local sales tax deduction, higher education tuition and fees deduction and educator expenses deduction – and those taxpayers who itemize deductions on Form 1040 Schedule A will need to wait to file their tax returns until tax processing systems are ready, which the IRS estimates will be in mid to late February.

    “The majority of taxpayers will be able to fill out their tax returns and file them as they normally do,” said IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman. “We will do everything we can to minimize the impact of recent tax law changes on other taxpayers.  The IRS will work through the holidays and into the New Year to get our systems reprogrammed and ensure taxpayers have a smooth tax season.”

    The IRS will announce a specific date in the near future when it can start processing tax returns impacted by the late tax law changes.  In the interim, people in the affected categories can start working on their tax returns, but they should not submit their returns until IRS systems are ready to process the new tax law changes.

    The IRS urged taxpayers to use e-file instead of paper tax forms to minimize confusion over the recent tax changes and ensure accurate tax returns.

    For those falling into any of these three categories, the delay affects both paper filers and electronic filers. Updated information will be posted on

New Wild Horse and Burro Management Strategy

Because of extensive public input into the Bureau of Land Management’s development of a new wild horse and burro management strategy – consisting of some 9,000 e-mails and letters that have merited close review – and because of the recent report published by the Interior Department′s Office of the Inspector General, the BLM will not issue a proposed new direction for the Wild Horse and Burro Program until after the first of the new year.

    The Inspector General′s report, which concluded that the BLM "is doing its best to perform a very difficult job" and found that the agency′s gathers of wild horses are both necessary and humane, made several recommendations that the BLM would like to consider as it works toward finalizing its new wild horse and burro management strategy.  The issuance of the proposed new strategy after the first of the year will enable the public to focus on the strategy document as the BLM works to put the Wild Horse and Burro Program on a sustainable course.

USDA online tool Helps beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers

WASHINGTON- Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced that the Department has established an online tool that can link retiring farmers who have expiring Conservation Reserve Program contracts with beginning farmers or ranchers who are interested in bringing the land into production.  The new online resource, TIP Net, is a website provided by the Farm Service Agency (FSA).  Through the Transition Incentives Program (TIP), producers with land for sale or lease are introduced to qualified beginning or socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers who want to buy or rent land for their operations.

    The interest in TIP during the first six months of implementation has far exceeded our expectations," said Vilsack.  "This tool should make TIP even more effective in facilitating the transition of land to our next generation of farmers."

    TIP provides up to two additional Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) annual rental payments to a retired or retiring owner or operator with an expiring CRP contract.  To qualify, the landowner must sell or lease the CRP land to a beginning or socially disadvantaged farmer or rancher so the new operator can convert some or all of the land to production using sustainable grazing or crop production methods.

    As of Nov. 30, TIP participation included 372 contracts on more than 52,000 acres, with nearly $5 million obligated for TIP annual rental payments.

    For beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers or ranchers who cannot qualify for conventional credit, FSA offers financing as well.  FSA makes direct loans and guaranteed loans made by conventional farm lenders to finance the purchase and operation of a farm.

    Each fiscal year, the agency targets a significant portion of its direct and guaranteed farm ownership and operating loan funds to beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers or ranchers.  In the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2010, FSA made or guaranteed 18,700 loans totaling $1.975 billion to beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers.  In addition to the funding reserves, FSA operates a special "down payment" loan program to assist  in purchasing a farm.  Like TIP, this program can help retiring farmers transfer their land to future generations.

    Additional information on FSA farm loan programs is available online at or from any FSA office. TIP Net can be found online at

Carnegie Public Library  holiday schedule


Fri. Dec. 31 – Closed

Sat. Jan. 1 – Closed

Regular hours will resume on Mon. Jan. 3, 2011. However, due to the current economic constraints, the Library’s schedule may be revised.

Grant proposal assistance for Forest Service projects

HUERFANO-The Pike and San Isabel Resource Advisory committee (PSI-RAC) announced today that it is offering grant proposal assistance.  All PSI-RAC projects must be located on National Forest System Lands in Chaffee, Park, Huerfano and Larimer Counties, or nearby lands if the project will benefit the resources in the National Forests.  The grant is open to anyone.  For example, landowners near National Forest lands who want to improve watersheds or roads are encouraged to apply.

    PSI-RAC members will work closely with project proponents to assist them with the grant process which includes submittal on the web and review and approval by the fifteen member PSI-RAC board. 

    According to John Peterson, Designated Federal Official for the PSI-RAC, “Members are working to ensure that a variety of quality proposals will be submitted for consideration this spring.  The one-on-one assistance is a valuable offer.”

    In Huerfano County, the local RAC contacts are  Al Tucker, or 719-989-1552 and Art Bobian, or 738-2029.

    The Secure Rural Schools Act states that counties are allotted special funds based on the amount of national forest land in the county and other factors.  Counties designate a portion of the funds to projects reviewed by the RAC.  The committee develops and recommends projects that benefit national forest land in the affected counties, monitors the projects, and provides advice to the U.S. Forest Service.

    Projects can be completed by U.S. Forest Service personnel, through partnership agreements or by open bid contracting with individuals and corporations.  Federal procurement and contracting regulations are required.  RAC project preview forms and instructions are available at all U.S. Forest Service offices in Ft. Collins, Salida, Fairplay, Pueblo and Canon City or on the Pike and San Isabel National Forests, Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands (PSICC) website at:

    Before submitting a project for consideration, RAC members strongly suggest that project proponents