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Break-in at Chamber of Commerce

WALSENBURG- Whether it was for monetary gain or just a warm place to sleep, the Chamber of Commerce building was broken into early Tuesday morning.  Officer Wiggins and Jaye Sudar, Community Representative went through the building.  When the inner office was opened, it was discovered that the only damage had been good footprints on the counter blotter where the person had crawled through a window.  The computers, petty cash and donation jar were untouched.  It was obvious that the safe had been "played" with, yet was not breached.  Officer Wiggins was amazed that the old safe worked.

    It was surmised that the person who broke in had the safe as a goal and when they couldn′t open it, they left. This break-in is part of a series of vandalisms that have occurred over the last few weeks Officer Wiggins noted.