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Bonnie Raitt’s altruism benefits the Citizens for Huerfano County…

by Mary-Ann Brandon
RED ROCKS — On Sunday, several Huerfano County residents traveled to Morrison ,Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater to attend a concert by, multiple Grammy Award winning artist, Bonnie Raitt. As an added perk, many of these special ticket holders enjoyed a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a private reception with the musical legend after the show.
Raitt continues a decades long commitment to social and environmental activism by raising funds at her shows for a variety of issues. She has partnered with the Guacamole Fund to help distribute the money collected through a limited number of V.I.P. tickets sold at nearly every one of her concerts. Rather than simply purchasing a regular ticket, fans can pay an extra premium to enjoy some of the best seats in the house and meet the star one-on-one after the show. All the proceeds from these special tickets go towards specific causes.
A typical day on the road as a performing artist will often include travel, sound check, press and radio interviews along with trying to squeeze in time to eat and groom. After all of this, Raitt hits the stage where she sings and plays guitar for upwards of two hours a night. At a point when most artists would head to the bus or hotel for much needed rest, Bonnie takes the time to personally meet all the folks who have donated to the causes so near and dear to her heart.
Two groups in Colorado, the Citizens for Huerfano County and GREEN (both are grass roots organizations working to protect our state from the potential environmental hazards of fracking) are the recipients of the funds raised at the Red Rocks concert.
During her concert, Raitt recognized the members of CHC in the audience. Jeff Briggs, Ken Saydak, Kim Seng and Keli Kringle represented the Citizens for Huerfano County at the event.
According to CHC President Keli Kringle, La Veta Town Board Trustee Ken Saykak was on hand to introduce Raitt at the post show reception. He explained that all the folks in his group were from Huerfano County. Raitt responded they were all very lucky as she had been to Huerfano County once and found it to be lovely.
Kringle reports the Guacamole fund wrote a check to the CHC in the amount of $12,000 (an exact total will be determined later in the week when all accounting is complete). The CHC will contribute 25% of these monies to GREEN, an organization supporting groups fighting fracking across Colorado.