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Bogus bills continue to plague local businesses

WALSENBURG — In recent weeks more counterfeit currency has been passed in Walsenburg and local police continue efforts to uncover the source of the funny money. On Thursday, December 19, WPD Chief Tommie McLallen took into evidence a bogus $100 that had been passed at the south side Sinclair gas station on Main Street. Earlier in the week on the 17th, a counterfeit $20 was taken in by Main Street Office Supply, and according to police, was discovered in the businesses bank deposit. At 5:24 pm, Friday, December 20, another fake $100 was passed at the A&W located in Acorn Travel Plaza. WPD Captain Vince Suarez said surveillance video of the transaction, along with the counterfeit note were taken into evidence and as of Monday morning an affidavit in support of an arrest warrant was awaiting approval at the district attorney’s office in Walsenburg. McLallen said Monday he hopes to have a meeting with local business owners and managers to help teach them what to look for as they take paper money, so they are not victimized by criminals. “I suggest they test mark every bill they take in,” McLallen told the Huerfano World Journal, as even fake $1 bills have been recovered in the city. McLallen suggests businesses train employees to spot counterfeit currency and to use anti-counterfeit measures such as marking pens. The color of the ink from the pens change color from a yellow to a light brown when applied to a counterfeit note. He said business owners should be careful to always report discovery of counterfeit currency to local police, their financial institutions or the United States Secret Service, as simple possession of a counterfeit bill is a federal offense.

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