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Black Diamond Park in foreclosure

by Larry Patrick
WALSENBURG — The Black Diamond Park development just west of Walsenburg is in foreclosure. The Huerfano County Commissioners received the information at their meeting on Wednesday. According to documents, the Black Diamond Park LLC owned by Rich McEntee has an outstanding principal balance with Legacy Bank in the amount of just over $822,000 of an original 1.5 million dollar loan. A hearing is set for February of next year.
District Judge Claude Appel and Bob Kreiman met with commissioners on concerns over the broken elevator and the problems it presents with the court docket. County Administrator John Galusha said a company has been contacted to make repairs or replacement of the door jams of the elevator which are worn out and not making proper contact. Commissioner King told Judge Appel they are trying to get the matter resolved but can’t force the company to respond faster. Judge Appel said he was willing to make contacts to the company to emphasize the urgency needed in getting the repairs done so court proceedings can continue as scheduled.
The courts on the third floor of the courthouse have also been concerned with the heating and air conditioning unit which has not been functioning properly. Commissioner King said he feels the county got a lemon of a system but is hopeful some repairs and additional training will rectify the problems.
Larry Kennard of Shell Energy was asked by the commissioners how drilling operations are going. He said the company has drilled down several hundred feet without encountering any water, which some residents are concerned could be contaminated by drilling.

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