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Beautify Walsenburg – New twist! Win cash and assistance right away

WALSENBURG — Contest organizers have come up with some new twists for 2012 which should make the contest more exciting for all.
First, we are now making businesses as well as residences eligible for the contest. We would like to encourage entries situated on main thoroughfares — streets where people enter town and places where folks congregate or recreate. (though we are not limiting entries to this) Also we would like to offer support to people who ask for them in the form of youth-power, plant and planting advice, and money as you bring in receipts.
To pull this off, we are changing the way things happen. The contest will still run from June 15 to September 13. Before and after photos will still be taken. Three prizes of $500, $300, and $200 will still be given.
Here are the changes. We are asking folks who enter to turn in a wish list of all the things they want to do to change the look of their front yard or shop entrance by Friday June 22. See entry form below. Judges will choose three winning entries in early July. These winners can use the prize money this summer to help pay for their projects.
Maybe you would like to plant a tree, or paint the porch, or get a flower bed going. Maybe you have dreamed of planting grass or grooming a lawn. Maybe the entrance needs a fence or a neat walkway or sign. Maybe you’d like to haul trash or hang baskets or plant vegetables. There’s no limit to the possibilities.
Well, maybe there are limits. Maybe you don’t have the know-how, or the stamina, or the vehicle, or the money to do what you want to do. If any of these limits have been holding you back, write it on the entry form. We have contacted the SCCY youth who have been involved in weeding, gardening, and hauling trash around town. They will help.
We know some people around town who know a lot about plants and planting and are willing to consult for an hour.
We also realize that these projects cost money. If you are a winner, you can come to the World Journal office every time you have accumulated receipts of $100 or more and be reimbursed until you have spent the amount of your award.

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