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Beast feast

by Brian Manning

HUERFANO — The Huerfano Community Bible Church held their annual beast feast recently in Walsenburg. Men from throughout the area feasted on various dishes of game food such as deer, elk, ram, alligator, cougar, and other more. Men worked for hours smoking meat which gave a hickory taste. Delicious desserts and side dishes were prepared by the women from the church. After the meal, Pastor Jim Modlish talked about how the Bible said we can be saved by accepting Jesus as our savior. The men were very receptive to his message which was the reason for the feast. Later, numerous prizes were awarded to the attendees and there was a raffle to benefit the Eagle Summit Ranch in Westcliffe, a facility to assist wounded warriors. The church has been working to support the ranch for years.  Modlish was pleased with the event and said this was the most successful feast he ever had and was happy so many people were open to his message. He thanked the women and men for their hard work in preparing and serving the food, and is looking forward to next year’s feast.