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By Jaye Sudar

HUERFANO- This past weekend, thirty-five brave souls of the Kingdom of the Outlands, came to Huerfano County.  They are members of the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA) and were here to clear land for a new event to be held next summer. The event, Battlemoor, will be held on John Stroh′s ranch north of Walsenburg.

The Kingdom of the Outlands extends across the mundane states of Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico and Texas.  Each year there are various events and activities for members.  Next summer, Battlemoor is being added as a new Inter-Kingdom War.  From June 30 to July 5, hundreds of people who enjoy dressing up in medieval clothing and armor will be visiting Huerfano County.  The event will offer tourneys, battles, competitions in archery, Arts & Sciences, and rapier; plus merchants and other activities.  AJ Riviezzo said that they anticipate 600 to 800 people at this event.  He hopes that people will enjoy the event as well as many of the local attractions.

    Modern implements of destruction saw to the clearing of trees, barbed wire, cactus and other debris from the event site. Roads were cut, and camping areas cleared.  Riviezzo said that Stroh was impressed at the work done by the volunteers.

    While this will not be a public event, invitations will be extended to interested parties.  One of the best ways to enjoy Battlemoor is to join the SCA.  If you are interested in the SCA, contact your local SCA Kingdom at . For more information on Battlemoor, contact AJ Riviezzo at .