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Baca quits council (again), city takes long term SIEA payment plan

WALSENBURG — The last item on the Tuesday night Walsenburg City Council agenda was a vote to unanimously accept the resignation of Ward III Councilman James Baca. This marks the second time in three years Baca has quit the city council. The letter of resignation sent to City Administrator David Johnston by Baca came in via email late Tuesday afternoon. The letter said, “I James Baca withdraw/resign my position as council member Ward III effective today November 4, 2014.” The letter went on to say, “I have lost all interest to fight a losing battle with an administrator who has no interest in what the citizens of Walsenburg think would be best for them. An administrator who believes that the budget is only a tool and not something that should be taken seriously or at least try to follow. Funny how the county can do this but not the city. Spend, spend, spend. Oh well it’s not his money. The city has never looked this bad or been this much in the red, as it has in the last three years. Excuse after excuse. Never a plan or directive to clean up this city. I ask that the city use the $600 it saves by my resignation toward the Christmas lights for the citizens of Walsenburg who ultimately are deserving of this simple task.” The city council has 60 days to appoint a qualified elector from Ward III to fill the position or a special election must be called. Council members decided to advertise the vacancy for two weeks. Information concerning requirements for the council position may be obtained through the City Clerk’s office. In other business the council voted 6-1 to take the long term (25 to 40 years) Capital Credit option offered by San Isabel Electric Association. The long term plan is worth $223,943.52, as opposed to the immediate payout that would have brought $55,987.83 into the city’s coffers. Councilman Charles Montoya voted for the immediate payment with council members Rick Jennings, Silvana Lind, Nick Vigil, Mayor James Eccher, Craig Lessar and Clint Boehler voting for the long term payout. The city reported over the past 14 years it has received approximately $5,000 from SIEA in Capital Credits.