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Arson suspected n Walsenburg fire

by Mollie Fuller

WALSENBURG- A fire on Nov. 18 in John Carlson’s garage burned the garage, personal items and two vehicles.  In the early morning  hours, Carlson of W. Cedar St. in Walsenburg, was awakened by the motion detector alarm situated in his garage.  Upon investigation, he discovered that a fire had erupted in a corner of the garage.  After running in to call the fire department, Carlson went back out only to find that his entire garage plus two vehicles were engulfed in flames.

    The fire department responded to the page out at 1:11 am and was able to extinguish the flames, but the vehicles, a 1983 Blazer and a 2002 Cavalier, as well as boxes of holiday decorations and woodworking supplies were beyond help.  The metal garage structure was severely damaged.

    The Walsenburg Police Department also responded and found the origin of the fire suspicious.  They called in the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.  They discovered that the fire began in a corner of the shelving where cardboard boxes and woodworking supplies were stored.  Due to the evidence, arson is suspected.  No arrests have been made at this time.