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Armando David Gallegos

Armando David Gallegos

Miss you baby

Happy Birthday

38 this year

8 years you’ve been gone

It seems like yesterday

I miss your smile & jokes

Ghetto Prayer

God, are you there? Please answer me.

I’m dying of despair.

Here it goes, my ghetto prayer.

Coming from one who knows, life’s not fair.

“Father in Heaven, Hallow be thy Name.”

Tell me where I’m headin’ with my burden of sorrow and shame.

Will I give in?  Will tomorrow end the same?

I’m still livin’, though life’s hollow and plain.

Constantly sinin’, I have myself to blame.

I catch myself grinin’, every time I feel pain.

I must be insane to live like this.

Don’t let me die in vain.

Please God; grant me that wish.

“Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.”

Drinking rum, that’s how it all begun.

I must’ve been dumb to think that I could run.

No matter where I was coming from my problems followed, one by one.

For what it’s worth, I wish to be forgiven.

“On Earth, as it is in Heaven.”

“Give me today my daily bread.”

I’m ready to pay for this crazy life I’ve led.

Lead me not my way, but yours instead.

Hear me pray, I mean every word I’ve said.

“Forgive me my trespasses as I forgive those that trespass me.”

When my flesh returns to ashes please show me mercy.

Seeing my life as it flashes, I feel I’m not worthy.

As I search the Bible for the right passage,

I fall to my knees. Please God, ease this pain that I feel inside.

I’m drowning in the rain of tears I’ve cried.

I could never hide all the things I’ve done.

It was people such as I that crucified Your Son.

Because of my pride and my desire to have fun,

I denied you God, in light of all that you’ve done.

Love you,

Mom, Pops and your brothers