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Another fiber optic line coming to La Veta

by Carol Dunn
LA VETA- During its meeting on Tuesday night, the La Veta Town Board approved a second non-exclusive revocable fiber optic permit, this one with EAGLE-Net Alliance.
EAGLE-Net is a Colorado intergovernmental entity that operates a cost-sharing cooperative that will deliver a carrier quality broadband network to over 230 community anchor institutions. EAGLE-Net, represented by Bill Palumbo with G4S Technology, is operating on a National Telecommunications and Information Administration grant for broadband technologies.
The grant is designed to bring connectivity to areas like Huerfano County. “It’s a federal government grant for rural areas, schools and small town governments,” explained Trustee Dale Davis. EAGLE-Net will be installing a fiber optic line to the La Veta schools.
The route the line will take to get there will be: from the north on Main Street south to Moore Avenue, east to Birch Street, north to the alley between Field and Francisco, west across Main to the library, then south on Birch to the schools. The permit is basically the same as the one developed for Blanca Telephone Company – only the names and specific project information have changed. Davis said Rob Saint Peter has concerns about the drilling equipment causing problems with sewer lines. On behalf of the fiber optic contractor, Dillie and Kuhn Inc, Brian Erker agreed to meet with the town’s crew about the project before work begins.

A question from the audience prompted a discussion on the deer overpopulation in La Veta.
Mayor Jerry Fitzgerald explained that the local Division of Wildlife officer is working on a project similar to one used in Buena Vista. DOW will issue 40-60 doe tags in this area for the hunting season that starts September 1. The key to success will be if adjacent landowners will agree to allow hunting on their land.
One trustee commented about the deer herd, “I’m wondering if they ever leave town.” And Trustee Dave Molyneaux described a family of deer that lives in his rose garden on Virginia Street. Trustee Ken Sajdak suggested that meat from the harvest could go to needy families in Huerfano County. Molyneaux added, “As long as the meat doesn’t go to waste.” Sajdak also asked, “Could we have someone from DOW attend a meeting? … Since we have a situation where we are going to end up assassinating the town’s deer.”
The wildlife officer will be invited to the town board meeting on August 8. The mayor added, “He’s busy with bears right now.”
The board set Town Clean-up Days on July 6-7. Two rolloff dumpsters will be available, and there will also be a recyclable waste collection for things like paint, used oil, computers, washers and dryers. Town Clerk Laurie Erwin explained that the use of one of the rolloffs is being donated by Mountain Disposal.
In related business, the board approved a contract with Mountain Disposal to rent four dumpsters long-term to be placed around town for a total monthly fee of $295.
The board passed a resolution designating the signs about the Francisco Fort Museum along Highway 160 as “official” signs, since the museum is owned by the town. The designation will save the town $40 per year in CDOT signage fees. The board approved Eddie Smith as a new member on the museum board.

A special events permit application was accepted for Oktoberfest on October 6, and the public hearing was set for June 26 at 6:45 pm. Shane Clouse explained that the beer garden will be larger, and there will be other minor changes to accommodate better pedestrian flow. The board also agreed to request approval from CDOT to hang the Oktoberfest banner across Main Street.
The town has acquired another police vehicle. The 2008 Ford Expedition came from Jefferson County’s fleet and already has a functioning light bar. “That alone would have cost $4500,” the mayor said. He said he issued a purchase order for the vehicle because, “It was a good deal, and I couldn’t pass it up.” Deputy Deaver described several other features of the vehicle: “It has a partition in it [to separate the passenger from the officer]. It has an extra set of tires, extra sets of controllers, and the light bar is LED. Everything is in working condition. It’s a very nice vehicle, and it’s in very good shape.” The board ratified the purchase, with Davis abstaining.
Erwin reported that she approved an application from Citizens for Huerfano County to hold monthly benefit concerts in Town Park. The concerts will be organized by Jill Whitmore and are scheduled for the evenings of June 24, July 22, August 19, September 23 and October 21. Molyneaux spoke up regarding the CHC, “As a board, we were going to take a neutral position, and one of their things is fracking, right?” Sajdak said, “That’s one of their concerns.” In reply, Davis said, “The park is the park. Anyone can use it. We’re not supporting it [CHC].”
The first August board meeting was moved to August 8 because of a special election on August 7. In anticipation of not having a quorum on June 19, that meeting was changed to June 26. Finally, the July 3 board meeting was cancelled.
The mayor said the town has three applicants for Marshal, and they have come from across the nation.

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