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Andre Ortiz is Champion

LOVELAND- John Mall Junior High seventh grader Andre Ortiz  is the second student from John Mall who can claim the title State Champion this season.  Andre enjoyed much success finishing the regular wrestling season 23-1 as he entered state competition.   He left Loveland as champion.  Ortiz swept his preliminary bouts, dominating his competition.  Unlike high school competition,  these wrestlers competed in all classes, so Andre met youth from all over the state.  When the smoke settled, he was crowned the best.

     John Mall had seven state qualifiers as a result of their victories at the regional tournament on March 30.  Other qualifiers included Michael Smithy-Helms, Bernie Archuleta, Benjamin Smithy-Helms, Jesse Ninahualpa, Deborah Aguirre and Jacob Pino.

This young team has matured throughout this short five-week season and will be the future of John Mall wrestling.