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An egg in every basket

by Carol Dunn

LA VETA-  A plethora of children showed up for the annual Easter egg hunt – aptly characterized as a dash – at La Veta Town Park at 10 am sharp on April 11.  The Rotary sponsors the event, and members fill plastic eggs with candy, novelty jewelry and, in a select few, cash, then scatter the eggs through the park.  Children lined up along the park boundary in their designated age zones and chatted excitedly, waiting for the “go” signal.  When that signal was given, the children scurried to collect eggs in baskets, pockets and even plastic grocery sacks.

    Rotarian Clay Landon told the Journal, “There were 1,200 eggs.  It took a little over an hour to put them out and four minutes for them to be picked up.”

    One parent noted that the weather was “atypically nice,” explaining that the event has seen everything from wind and cold to rain and even snow.