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airport fence deteriorating

by Guy Blasi

WALSENBURG- Wednesday’s County Commissioner’s weekly meeting started off with an award by Gloria Guiterrez, a staffer for Senator Mark Udall, recognizing Marty Henderson for her work with Walsenburg Downtown Redevelopment. (full story on page 2).

    County Administrator John Galusha noted that given the current rate of county income and expenditures, the current budget is expected to have a shortfall of 12 to 14 percent.  Galusha noted that funds for Social Services are shown as expenditures, the revenue is not shown on the county’s books.  Galusha said he would provide the Commissioners a more comprehensive report near the end of the year.

    Focus shifted to the Spanish Peaks Regional Airport north of Walsenburg on two issues, new fuel tanks required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the poor condition of the fencing along the airport’s perimeter.  Galusha noted that $100,000 had been budgeted for the fuel tanks, but all bids came in over budget by a range of $12,000 to $44,000.  The bid was not awarded and one of the bidders who was not the lowest bidder filed a protest with the FAA.  Larry Mapes and Todd Potts, who lease land next to the airport, brought in photos of the airport’s perimeter fencing.  The current fence was installed in 1967, and the replacement estimate is $7,400.  It is a security issue since cattle graze outside the airport’s perimeter.