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Activity update on Freeman 3-24: Preparation activities on track to hydraulically stimulate the well in August

by Kate Roberts
Shell Oil Public Information
HUERFANO COUNTY — As of July 30, 2013 activity at Freeman 3-24 still includes preparation for hydraulic fracturing.
Recent activities have involved downhole wrap-up of the successful liner pulling operations and additional activities to clean out the wellbore in preparation for the hydraulic stimulation. Current activities involve the mobilization and assembly of equipment at the site for the stimulation operation.
Shell is taking all due care in preparing the well for a successful stimulation activity, and in doing so, certain aspects of the activity have taken longer than initially anticipated. In addition, many of these preparation steps require the need to wait for additional equipment or staff to become available from other Shell operations in the region.
Despite the extended timeline, the goal of hydraulic fracturing remains the same, and Shell has not encountered any well integrity issues on the Freeman well. The exact stimulation date is not yet known, but the required 48-hour notice will be provided to the COGCC.
Success of this operation will impact future operations at the Freeman well. When Shell is ready to share information about well results, it will be made publicly available. A call in line for questions or concerns is available at (877) 581-4031 or (303) 305-2122. This line is checked regularly.