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A sad way to start spring

Springer Chamber of Commerce, St Patrick's Day 2016, Goodyear
Springer Chamber members enjoyed a St. Patrick’s Day potluck for this month’s chamber meeting. Pictured here (Front – L to R): Luis Ortiz, Nancy Jespersen, Velma Crawford, Rey Gaytan, Tina Gallegos, Louise Portillos. Behind – Landon Newton. Photo by Sherry Goodyear.

by Sherry Goodyear

SPRINGER — If Martians had crashed the special St. Patrick’s Day potluck arranged by the Springer Chamber of Commerce and asked to be taken to the leader of the group, they would have been disappointed … for the chamber has lost its president. Anna Phillips, the former president of the group, was sworn into the Springer town council on March 4. In February, Phillips tendered her resignation to the chamber due to the conflict of interest her pending reign on Springer’s town council would create. At that point, the chamber refused to accept her resignation in hopes that some technicality might allow her to sit on both the council and the chamber, but alas, this was not meant to be. Now the chamber is hoping to find someone willing to step into the big and busy shoes Phillips leaves in her wake. Phillips, though she will no longer be president of the group, will continue as a chamber member, and as such, will continue to put out the monthly chamber newsletter, update the chamber Facebook page, manage the monthly business/cake recognition ceremony, and organize the annual Angel Tree Project –still a hefty number of responsibilities for someone vacating the presidency. At present, current chamber members are hesitant to take on the job of president due to the time constraints everything Phillips managed would impose on them. Several members at the March meeting expressed concerns over being unable to do all that Phillips did without getting burned out or having no free time because of all the numerous “chamber responsibilities” that accompany the presidential position. The bottom line for the group is that it has no president. Vice President Tina Gallegos, the logical person to take the job, at least until elections can be held in June, is hesitant to take on the responsibility. Instead, she, Louise Portillos, Velma Crawford, and anyone else willing are sharing the presidential responsibilities until someone among the current chamber membership decides to run for the position. They are cautiously optimistic someone from the chamber’s 30-40 members will see the need to come forward and take on the presidential position. They are even hopeful that someone who is not currently a member, but interested in the presidential position, would join the group in order to become a member. Each March, chamber memberships come due. Business memberships are $75.00 and individual memberships are $35.00. Meanwhile, the chamber is working on plans for the next few months. They are interested in continuing with their Summer Community Flea Market and Music in the Park Concert Series once the weather warms up. They are looking for bands interested in performing for the concert series. In conjunction with that, from some of the Lodger’s tax money they are given by the town, the chamber just purchased a new P.A. system. The chamber recognized the Springer Electric Cooperative with a cake following their March meeting. According to their website, Springer Electric Cooperative was incorporated in 1946, meaning they are in their seventieth year of service to rural Colfax County. The next chamber meeting will be held at noon at Two Feather’s Restaurant on April 13. For anyone wishing more information about chamber events, desiring to join, or wanting to run for president of the group, please email or call at 575-643-6401.