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A deli is back in La Veta – Bobcat’s

LA VETA — Another empty building in La Veta has now been filled and we can welcome Derick Kelly, the proud owner of Bobcat’s Deli at 107 W. Francisco St. Kelly, who has been a very silent partner of La Veta Liquors with parents Tara and Bob Davenport, grew up an Army brat and caught the bug for traveling. For the last five to six years, Kelly has been a drifter, living out of his backpack and traveling the world. He found his love for baking while working as a sous chef for friends in Kentucky, and just recently helped them open their second restaurant in China. After cooking all over the world, he’s excited to put down some roots in La Veta. “I love La Veta,” Kelly says. “It is small, quaint and the scenery changes every day,” he continues. Kelly has always wanted a restaurant of his own and when the building next to the liquor store, (which used to be a deli) went on the market, it was a perfect set up for him to fulfill his dreams. Kelly will be providing cheeses and meats by the pound, fresh produce (organic as much as possible), coffee from Michelle Apell, organic, fair trade teas, some local meats, artisan sandwiches, run of the mill cold cuts, salads, soups, baked goods and pastries. Bobcat’s Deli opens today and the hours of operations are Monday through Friday from 11 am to 6 pm, Sunday from 10 am to 2pm, and closed on Tuesday and Thursday. You can call ahead at 742-3569 or stop by 107 W. Francisco. Oh, and why Bobcat’s, you might ask? They are cat lovers and Bobcat is his cat’s name.