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A call to arms for all Boomers

It’s time for us to reassert ourselves and use our large numbers to get what we deserve.  Even though getting out of our chair takes more moves than Carmelo Anthony uses to score a basket, we have to take action.  By us and we, I’m referring to me and you, my fellow Baby Boomers.  Our reputation and influence of late seems to be fading.  We have to get moving and use our considerable power to change the way things appear to be headed.
There are fewer and fewer shows on TV for us to watch and I’ve had enough I tell you!
For those of you who are too young to remember what is meant by Baby Boomer, I will try to define it as best I can.  The start of the Baby Boomer generation would be defined as shortly after the big war, around 1947.  My fellow Boomers and I began to emerge into a world where carbon paper predated copy machines and computer scanners, where Brylcreem and Butch Wax led the way to what is now called hair gel, before soap was referred to as body wash and when Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour was all the rage instead of American Idol.
I don’t mean to sound like an old fogey, but is all this change necessary?  Where will it all end?  Maybe the only commercial name that is the same then as now is the fast food outlet McDonald’s.  McDonald’s exploded into existence about the same time we did, 1948.  Let us hit the exercise machines hard, stay away from the fast foods and get in shape for the coming battle.  I’m sick and tired of everything being geared to the X Generation, New Millennials, Generation Z’ers or Generation i, whatever they’re called now.  We Boomers are used to having things our way and not being ignored.
Throw away that black knee-socks and sandals look.  Try to think hip and not hip replacement.  More laws and social considerations need to be enacted for the benefit of our generation.  We can do this if we just unite and band together, form Boomer Clubs.
Remember the 60s? We can demonstrate utilizing the old sit-in method of protest: That’s something that should come more easily at our age, the sitting part that is.  We’ll write our congressmen and women – most of them are in their 60s and 70s now anyway.  We have the power right there.  Get out of the Peanut Gallery and get active!  Make Buffalo Bob and Clarabell the Clown proud! We can petition local authorities and the major television networks.  We need more shows on TV that we can relate to.  I‘m afraid to watch these fake-news channels and even more afraid to watch the real news channels.  Enough of these modern-day crime shows.  How about a few westerns and a couple of variety shows for a change?
I’m going to email a Baby Boomer friend of mine in Oklahoma.  I’ve got a great name for a club down there – The Boomer Sooner Baby Boomers.  This is exciting, isn’t it?  I feel younger already.  Wait just a second, where the heck is that dadgum “make text bigger” option on this new confounded computer?