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911 Board waits on getting upgrade

HUERFANO- The Huerfano County 911 Board met last week to discuss purchasing an upgrade to the emergency services dispatch system, but could not reach an agreement on how much of an upgrade the County needed.  The Board consists of Walsenburg Mayor Edi Sheldon, La Veta Mayor Mickey Schmidt, and former County Commissioner Neal Cocco.

    The current system was purchased 11 years ago, and has been becoming more and more obsolete over time.  At the last county tri-government meeting, a new Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system was demonstrated for the city and county officials and the dispatch team.  The cost to purchase the new system is $150,000.

    Schmidt and Cocco balked however, at the price, stating they weren’t sure if the county really needed all the bells and whistles the advanced system would bring.  They would instead prefer to hire a consultant to more accurately figure out what Huerfano County’s needs are.

    According to Walsenburg Police Chief Larry Baldonado, it is imperitave that the county get some sort of CAD system, even if it’s a basic system.