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2011 Regionals to be held at John Mall

News for local economy-will bring in thousands of dollars

CENTER- On Fri. Feb. 12, the fourteen regional coaches voted next year′s regional tournament would be held in Walsenburg.  Every other year the tournament is held on the eastern side of the pass to accommodate the schools on the eastern plains.  Two years ago the tournament was held in Westcliffe, and the regional plan was to hold the 2011 tournament in Walsenburg.  The region held true to its word and voted Walsenburg as the host city for 2011. Walsenburg has the restaurants, motels and services the teams need in order to compete fairly, and it has been several years since John Mall played host.

Cards of Thanks

Thank you San Isabel Thank you, San Isabel.  Terrific winds and no Walsenburg outage! ~Carolyn Newman Walsenburg,, CO Thanks from Traditions I want to thank

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